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When people approach the church there are a number of questions that initially arise.

‘I don’t come to church; can I still have my baby christened?’

‘I don’t know if I want a baptism or a christening?’

‘How much will it cost to baptise my baby?’

These and a number of other questions are raised by people expressing an interest in having their son/daughter baptised/christened. Christians agree in understanding baptism to be one of the two major sacraments the other being the Eucharist otherwise known as Holy Communion.

There is no difference between a christening and a baptism, the action and the meaning is exactly the same.

Baptism is simply the beginning of our life of faith, the beginning of getting to know and understand what it means to be loved by God, and in turn to come to love God.  Baptism is Gods token to us of his great love for us.   At baptism we join Gods family.  Being baptised is not an isolated event; it is a beginning of a journey and frequently requires further input.  Jesus Christ asks us to baptise in his name so that parents, godparents and God can work as we grow in maturity of depth of understanding.

Baptism means ‘plunging,’ Jesus himself was baptised in the river Jordan.  It’s the start of an amazing journey of faith and a special day for family and friends.  

Parents don’t have to be baptised to have their child baptised, although the chosen godparents do need to have to be baptised.

In our church Baptism services are usually a standalone event for which there is no charge and all those baptised are invited back to our Family worship service to be welcomed into God’s family.  All are welcome for Baptism but ongoing engagement with the church is an important part Baptism which we encourage all who are baptised to commit to.

There is no minimum or maximum age when someone can be baptised. It is increasingly more poplar that some people are not baptised until they become adults.

This is just a small insight to Baptism, so whether you are looking at this because you want your child baptised or to be baptised yourself, please in the first instance contact Mrs Eileen Ardern telephone 01473 252 251 who will be happy to help you further.