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A group of women praying for each other A group of women praying for each other

Pastoral Care

Our vicar, Mary, has a team of six Pastoral Elders whose aim is to be aware of people who may be in need of help. Parishioners who attend church have an appointed Elder who will get to know them and their family and be aware of any need they may have. The type of help can be anything from assisting with transport to appointments, visiting people at home, in hospital or hospice and ringing them for a chat. We encourage people to allow us to hold the contact number of a neighbour or close relative, in case it is needed. There is Home Communion for anyone who is housebound and wishes to receive the Sacrament.

We welcome and support all those who come for Marriage, Baptism, Sundae Club, Community Choir and Mums and Tots.

There is a group who takes worship to Thurleston Residential Home on the second Friday afternoon of each month. We sing hymns with the residents and have a bible reading and time of prayer.

If our families should ask for guidance with regard to their funeral wishes, there is a straightforward form, which can be completed and shared with the vicar. Through our close contact with parishioners, much of our ministry is carried out in supporting families who have suffered bereavement. A card is sent to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in order to assure them of our prayers and there is a Service of Light & Life in November for anyone who has been bereaved.

Pastoral Elders undergo training and refresher courses in order to carry out their Ministry.