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The Church of England Parish in Northwest Ipswich serving the people of Whitton, Castle Hill, The Crofts and The Dales.

we’re an inclusive church where all are welcome.


Sunday 9:30am

Parish Communion

Prayer of St Benedict

Gracious and Holy Father Give us wisdom to perceive You, Intelligence to understand You, Diligence to seek You, Patience to wait for You, Eyes to behold You, Hearts to meditate on You, And life to proclaim You, Through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Whilst the church is limited in numbers for services we shall be adding the weekly pew sheet and other resources on to our website so you can all follow along with our online services.

Sunday 14 August 2022 - Trinity VIIII

Pew Sheet

Pew Sheet (Readings)

Eurcharists for Sundays of the Year


Now we are streaming from church we have both Facebook and YouTube channels and if you are joining us online you my find it easier to use YouTube to find us quickly if you go to the link below, to copy and paste into your search bar in your browser it should take you straight to our page and you can click on the service to watch it.

We are still on Facebook and compline will continue to be only on Facebook but services from church will also appear on YouTube.

The Revd Mary Sokanovic
Whitton with Thurleston and Akenham

Two women talking

Our vision is to be a vibrant and inclusive Christian Family, meeting together to worship God, serve our community, and draw others into the family of faith as we seek to make the love of Christ known in the world.